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Dear Officers of  BSNL,

                                         The new fragrance of working in a corporate environment develops fresh enthusiasm and hopes among the Executive Officers of  the BSNL. We have already entered into the corporate executive working culture from the Government  set up. We, the executive officers of the largest telecom company of India , are responsible for the future of this corporation. The spirit , motivation and morale of  the decision makers will be the destiny of this company. Any discontent or lack of motivation among the Officers will adversely affect the company, Ourselves and our families.

                                      Hence we are in need of an organization which represents  the Officers of the BSNL right from the heart. An association which believes in creativity , positiveness  and prosperity to the company, to the Officers and to their families , rather than calling for destructive strikes , personal ego clashes of the leaders  and unhealthy working conditions. 

                                Keeping this in view ,BSNL Officers Association has been formed with its Head Quarters at New Delhi. We are quite aware of the rapid changes happening around us due to the Globalization process. The trade unionism is now on the crossroads . BSNL Officers Association is the one and only alternative to meet the challenges of the new era for better working environment and acquiring new  techniques  and technical knowledge.

                           Regarding the issue of Option BSNL Officers Association is in the firm stand that we should exercise our option and join this prestigious corporation as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of being the early bird.

                                                      Hence all patriotic Executive Officers of the BSNL  ie DEs ,SDEs, JTOs, and Equivalent ranks including Civil, Electrical    and Architectural , CAOs, AOs, AAOs,  and JAOs   who exercised or indenting to exercise their option to the BSNL are requested to join with us to keep in pace with the new changes and challenges.

  With warm regards,  


(General Secretary)




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Er.P.C.Narayan Das,MIE